If you have been doing these 7 things in your relationship ,then you need to stop them now

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 21 January 2017 saa 06:02
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The success or failure of your relationship is mostly a result of what you’ve sown into it. Your relationship gives you what you give to it, and more often than not people tend to sow bad seeds into their relationships without knowing, and then they expect the relationship to be good — but that’s impossible.

If you’ve been doing these things in your relationship, then you need to stop:

1. Stop treating your fights like a war

Okay, you have a fight with your partner or a misunderstanding — that’s okay depending on how you treat it. If you treat those fights like a war, and a must-win case, then you’re only destroying your relationship.

2. Stop hurting your partner with your words

Words hurt a lot, and the unfortunate thing about the words you speak is that you cannot take them back; they’d always leave a sting in your partner’s heart, and not everyone can deal with that. Be very careful with the things you say to your partner.

3. Stop thinking only about yourself

Stop putting yourself ahead of your partner, stop trying to make all the decisions and be in control, stop trying to have your way all the time and stop making the relationship about you.

4. Stop waiting

Stop waiting for your partner to make the first move, stop waiting for your partner to apologise first after a fight, stop waiting for your partner to show love and affection first. Stop waiting and start doing.

5. Stop comparisons

Stop comparing your partner to another person; you hurt your partner’s ego and kill your relationship when you do this.

6. Stop washing your dirty linens in public. Learn to sort things out with your partner, and not broadcast every issue to the whole world.

7. Stop bringing up old fights; they never help. You only bring more troubles into your relationship when you do this.

Have you been guilty of these acts? Well, it’s never too late to change.