Is proscrastination messing your life up? These tips are for you

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 24 November 2016 saa 11:41
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Show me a person who’s always procrastinating, and I’d tell you 3 key things about that person; he’s lazy, he never gets the job done and isn’t dependable. You can’t reach great heights in any walk of life when you procrastinate.

If you want to beat procrastination once and for all, you should practice these tips.

1. Practice good sleep habits

“Early to bed, early to rise” they say. Go to bed early and your body will feel refreshed the following money, plus you’d wake up earlier. The first step to curbing procrastination is by practicing good sleep habits.

2. Exercise

Exercising doesn’t only make you healthier, but it makes you active. If you can find time to exercise every morning, your mindset will be more focused for the rest of the day.

3. Have a task list

Plan yourself and have a task list that will guide you for the day. This will help you stay organised and make you carry out tasks accordingly.

4. Time yourself

Timing yourself is a good practice you should adhere to. Learn to be time conscious; set a timeframe for each activity and try to follow them accordingly.

5. Set goals

You feel more motivated to when you set goals for yourself and you feel more accomplished when you meet those goals. Set goals for yourself every day.

Don’t let procrastination ruin your life for you; practice these tips every day.