Ladies...6 signs your man is lying

Published by Elcrema
On 14 November 2016 saa 12:45
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Some men are just good at lying and they always seem to be several steps ahead of you so if you notice any of these signs from him, he might be lying to you.

1. He gets defensive

Your man is probably not telling the truth if he gets angry when you keep asking him questions. He does this to stop you from investigating further.

2. He avoids making eye contact

Your man is probably lying to you when he fails to make eye contact. He avoids eye contact when he’s ashamed of what he has done but he doesn’t want to confess what he’s done.

3. His stories don’t match up

Your man is obviously not telling you the truth if his stories don’t match up. If he retells a story very differently from the way he narrated it to you the first time, he’s probably hiding something from you.

4. He avoids giving you a straightforward answer

Your man is obviously hiding the truth from you if he avoids giving you a straightforward answer to a question you asked him. A liar will change the subject of discussion, give a very long story or even start asking you questions instead when you ask him a question.

5. He provides too much information

Liars tend to convince who they are lying to by providing information that wasn’t even requested for. So if you find your man providing too much information when you ask him a question, that could mean he’s lying to you.

6. He starts fidgeting

Your man is probably lying to you if he becomes nervous when you ask him a question and starts shuffling his feet or picking something when trying to answer your question.