Ladies...8 early signs your new relationship won’t last

Published by Elcrema
On 17 September 2016 saa 03:24
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Many ladies have a tale of being in a bad relationship but no woman ever deliberately signs up for a bad relationship.

These 8 signs will help you spot a bad relationship from the onset

1. If your new man badmouths his ex when with you, it means he never learnt from the mistakes he made in his past relationship and sooner he will repeat those mistakes with you.

2. If your new man has roving eyes and just can’t stop looking at women, he will definitely break your heart and cheat on you with another woman. Don’t disregard his roving eyes as nothing.

3. If your new man is madly in love with you that his suspicions are easily aroused, you will struggle to get him to trust you and the relationship will become really frustrating until it collapses.

4. If you think something about your new man doesn’t add up even when he tries to explain himself, trust your intuition and walk away. If you feel something isn’t quite right despite his explanations, it most probably isn’t right.

5. Your relationship is doomed to fail if your new man treats everyone around him like trash. You will definitely know people’s true character through the way they relate to other people. If he treats people like trash, he will treat you like trash one day.

6. Don’t assume you will change your new man if he has certain traits you dislike and can’t stand. You can’t change a man. Only a man can change himself. If you overlook those traits you dislike today, remember those traits will come back to drive you mad tomorrow.

7. If your new man makes you feel like he’s too good to be with you, your relationship is doomed to fail because that man will end up taking you for granted.

8. If your new man is all over you and doesn’t give you room to breathe, your relationship is doomed to fail. In a healthy relationship, a man will give his woman all the space she needs to be herself. Men who tend to be all over their woman and don’t give her space tend to be very controlling and abusive.