Ladies only:6 reasons your small boobs are just perfect enough

Published by Elcrema
On 27 October 2016 saa 01:10
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In today’s world, women tend to go for boob jobs and do all manner of things that’ll make boobs bigger, and in their minds, sexier. But that’s unnecessary; small boobs are just perfect and sexy enough, and it’s up to you to be comfortable in your own skin, and you’d most definitely find lots of men that will love your small boobs and see them as appealing and attractive.

Ladies, I have six reasons why your small boobs are sexy enough.

1. You have more sensitive breasts

According to a research done by researchers from the University of Vienna, smaller breasts are more sensitive than larger ones, the researchers found.

Another study even found that bigger boobs are 24% less sensitive than the smaller ones. So, your smaller boobs bring more pleasure than the much-famed bigger boobs.

2. They stand the test of time

While larger breasts tend to sag and stretch due to ageing, smaller boobs maintain its perkiness for much longer time.

3. They are more sporty

Forget all the hype about bigger boobs, smaller boobs are are much more sporty, and you’ll be able exercise better when you have smaller boobs. Larger boobs can sometimes feel like extra baggage.

4. Shape

Smaller boobs give you that exciting shape and perfect posture. For that perfect symmetrical and balanced proportions, smaller boobs will do the trick.

5. They are easier to examine

It’s easy to examine your boobs when they are smaller, and this can help you detect everything happening around it, including signs that suggest breast cancer. As far as self-examination is concerned, smaller breasts are easier to examine.

6. Men love them too

Social media and music videos might give you the impression that bigger boobs are sexier, but in reality, there are lot of men who see small boobs as the real deal and find them sexier and more attractive.

So why don’t you value your breasts today?