Ladies only:Information you shouldn’t disclose to your man

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 16 May 2017 saa 07:59
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It’s widely believed that once you start dating someone, you should come clean about your past and tell them everything about you, no matter how dark it may be. I have always believed in honesty in relationships and marriage, but experience has proven that it’s not everything you have to share with your partner. While some information is very important to share because they help establish trust and strengthen the bond in a relationship, some are totally irrelevant, and could destroy everything if revealed. Here are examples of such information…

The number of people you have dated/slept with

On the face of it, this information may seem like something you should put out there to show how honest you are and how much you love the person in your life, but it’s deeper than that. It can have negative consequences. Imagine you’re dating a very sensitive person who’s jealous and judgmental, telling them something like this could trigger an emotion that can lead to the end of that relationship. There are people who somehow believe that the number of people you sleep with or date is a direct reflection of who you are. Some people do not believe that you can be different, and will think that because you’ve dated or slept with 10 people before them, something is wrong with you, or you’re too ‘used’ for them. So I’d advise that information like these be kept personal. Even if they ask, do not share.

Your love for materialism and money

The truth about this information is you don’t even need to disclose it verbally, your actions and body language always lets it out, but trust me, it’s something you don’t want to make so obvious. Even if you love shopping and spending big, it’s probably in your best interest to keep information like this on the low. You don’t want your partner thinking you’re dating them because of the money, and not love. In fact, being so open about your big spending habits could discourage people from getting close.

How much you love sex

We all love sex really, but some of us like to pretend we’re better at controlling the urge than others, which Isn’t really true, but I’ll leave the argument for another time. The reason why I think this information is unnecessary is because it can be used against you. You can break up with that person tomorrow, and they’ll go around town telling everyone how you’re a sex freak and all. Some people, especially men would even sleep with you, and run when they’re done because they don’t think it’s safe to marry a nymphomaniac.

So there, ladies. Love, but it never hurts to apply some caution while at it.