Ladies only:Possible reasons why you are single

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 29 April 2017 saa 07:30
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While there are a lot of women who are single because they simply do not feel they have to date, there are a lot of single women who are single because of their own doing. Sometimes the things we do are the very things that stop us from achieving happiness. If you’re a single woman, and you want to date, but you CAN’T for reasons you CAN’T explain, then you must read on because you can learn a thing or two to help you change your situation.

These are some possible reasons why you are still single

Poor attitude/manners

The image you project to the world is what everyone sees, and judges you by. If you’re not accommodating and you don’t seem receptacle to people, men will run away from you, and that’s because nobody wants to be made a fool of. It’s the truth. There’s also the issue of the way you carry and conduct yourself around people. Men aren’t attracted to women who do not carry themselves with some dignity and respect. Men will avoid a woman who doesn’t treat others with respect; believe it or not, it’s the way it is.

You haven’t proven you can offer more than just sex

If all you have to offer a man is just sex, then that may be all you’re ever good enough for. Men want a woman who going to feels like going home; a woman who can understand, a woman who listens and a woman who can shows support even without the man asking. Beauty and sex isn’t enough to land you a man, you got to understand this.

You think dating is a means of livelihood

There are women out there who really live off men, literally. They go into a relationship with a man with the thought that he’ll provide every single thing they need. And this mentality is ridiculous. Your man isn’t your bank. No man wants to be burdened by another being, no matter how much they care about the person, they’ll eventually get tired of the requests, and when they do, they’ll take a walk.

You don’t care for yourself

Outward beauty isn’t everything in a relationship, but it does matter to an extent. You want to be attractive to men, but you can’t attract anyone with yourself looking unkempt. You can’t attract a man with smelly hair or dirty looking nails. Self care and love are important because they sell you to people out there.

You blame men for everything

It’s possible you have remained single because you have refused to hold yourself responsible for your actions. Some women wrongly feel all their problems stem from the men and that somehow, all would be well the moment men start to tow the imaginary line they’ve drawn. To women with this mentality, they always feel they’d behave well if the man behaves well. And while I agree that a lot of men need to step up, too often it is a case of ladies feeling more entitled than she should normally feel. You need to step up before you expect the same from a man. Take care of your flaws, and watch the right brother locate you.

Are you still single? These are possible reasons why.