Men...5 ways you hurt your wife

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On 31 August 2016 saa 12:42
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One problem the modern man has is that he has lost the sensitive part of him in his quest to be seen as tough by all. While there isn’t anything wrong with being tough, balancing being tough and being sensitive is important if you want your marriage to work.

Here are 5 ways you hurt your wife

1. You don’t put her first

What’s the point getting married to her if you won’t put her first. Most men put their jobs and their mothers before their wives and this is wrong. Your wife needs to come first if you want your marriage to work.

2. You don’t provide for the family

It’s wrong for a man to start a family with a woman and sit at home expecting his wife to provide for the family. This is wrong. As a husband, you are expected to provide the basics for your family, regardless of whether your wife works or not.

3. You don’t show her you love

Your wife wants you to regularly show her that you still love her. Saying “I love you” everyday is never enough. Get her surprise gifts, take out for a dinner, buy her flowers and call her regularly. When you show your wife you still love her, she will go any length for you.

4. You withhold physical affection

You hurt your wife badly when you withhold physical affection from her. She wants you to kiss every morning you wake and also before you leave for work. She wants you to kiss her when you get back home. She wants you to cuddle her without thinking of s*x. She wants you to hold her hands. She wants you to always hug her. You need to understand that physical affection is more than just sex.

5. You cheat on her

Why get married to her and start a family with her if you know you will still have eyes for other women outside. You hurt your wife badly when you sleep around with other women because when you cheat, you tell her you don’t value and respect her.