Men or women, who want sex more?The answer will surprise you!!!

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On 23 August 2016 saa 01:12
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When you hear or come across a question like this one, you’re tempted to go with the man, I would too if I hadn’t discovered this piece of information. Men are the ones who always make obvious their sexual needs and desires more than women, so it’s understandable why they’d be the easy option to go for.

However, that common perception or belief isn’t true…at least, not according to a new survey which was conducted recently.

In an attempt to set records straight, and lay to rest the question of who truly likes sex more between both genders, scientists carried out a survey using popular fertility application, Kindara.

The app surveyed 500 men and women.

Women overwhelmingly suggested that they don’t have sex as frequently as they want. Half the women surveyed said they needed to have an emotional attachment to enjoy sex with their partner, while the other half were okay with a fling— but that’s not all; the study further revealed that 75 percent of respondents said they wanted sex more than three times a week.

Now, I did mention in the start that women in the survey claimed to not have sex as often as they want to, but I haven’t revealed why. According to the research, the reasons for this are stress, feeling ‘out of synch’ with their partner, and not being in the ‘right mood’.

So it’s settled then, isn’t it? Women enjoy sex more than men, but they just don’t like showing it. I wonder why that is though; I’d like to know. So ladies, a little explanation would be appreciated.