Rusizi residents decry rampant theft cases

Published by IGIHE
On 4 August 2017 saa 02:29
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Residents of Rusizi, in the Western Province, have decried the high rate of robbery attacks in the area, describing the situation as “worrisome.”

Some of the residents who spoke to IGIHE have said the community has been living in fear owing to incessant thieves and pickpockets, and now have called those concerned at the district level to find a solution to the problem. They also claim security personnel seize but release the culprits.

Residents have also claimed that the robbers target phones and women hand bags. Joel Irambona, a resident, says; “Just recently, I was surrounded by four people, who later confronted me to forceful give them four thousand francs.”

“Then after a few days, a lady’s hand bag was robbed. The problem is that we see the crimes happening but nothing is being done,” he said.

Salomon Nzabamwita, another resident said they get hold of the thieves, hand them to police but later they’re let free and later come back to torment their accusers.
Frederic Harerimana, a district official, rejected the claims of releasing them saying that if it can’t be proved with evidence that they’re robbers they can’t be sentenced.

“We can’t say that the law enforcers release them, those who are rounded up and suspected are handed over to security but it does not necessarily mean if they’re guilty."

He further requested the residents or community leaders to work together with the security officers especially Police to gey the situation under control.