Sex dreams:Types and their meanings

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On 1 September 2016 saa 01:36
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We’ve all at some point in our lives, found ourselves getting down with someone…not in real life, but in our dreams. But how many of us really know that those dreams represent something? If you didn’t, now, you do, and I’ll be telling you what the different types of sex dreams mean; so sit, back, relax, and be informed.

1. Sex with your buddy’s partner

This has probably happened to you before, and you woke up confused because you know you have no such intentions toward the person in question. If this was the case with you, well, you don’t have to worry because it’s not always what you think.

Sleeping with your buddy’s partner in your dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you have thoughts of getting down with them in real life (unless you actually do), it could mean that you just like a special attribute in them or you’re looking for something they have in your next partner.

2. Sex dreams about cheating

If you’ve seen yourself sleeping with another man/woman in your dreams, while you have a real life relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to cheat on your partner, you’re probably just feeling bad about past arguments, or are having issues with insecurities.

3. Sex with strangers in your dreams

If you see yourself having sex with people you don’t really know in your dreams, more often than you like, it may mean just one thing… your libido is on the high side.

4. Sex with celebrities in your dreams

Ok, you’re having sex with strangers, but not just ordinary strangers, but celebs and people you watch on TV and stuff. This type of dream may not be far from your desire to attain fame, money, and to rise up in social status.

5. Sex dreams with an ex

This has pretty much happened to the best of us, hasn’t it? And if you’re scared it means you’re getting back with your ex, it doesn’t. Having sex with an ex is probably your way of getting over the remaining feelings you have for them.

6. Sex dreams about your best friend

If you see yourself having sex with your bestie in your dreams, it means one of two things— you have a big crush on them or you are subconsciously celebrating your new-found connection with them.

So now you know what your sex dreams mean. Do share this with someone that’s probably having this.