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This is why women need to have more sex
Published on 31-07-2016 - at 01:50' by Elcrema

This study is no excuse for anyone to have multiple sexual partners as we all know the dangers of doing that but the findings from the study is really worth publishing.

According to a study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who have sex less than twice a month get sick more often than those who climax regularly.

The researchers from the Women’s Health Program at Monash University in Australia did find that women who had climaxed more had higher levels of energy, fewer illnesses and a better psychological outlook.

It’s also important to note too that according to the study, the key for women is the climax and it isn’t just about getting laid. Having sex and not reaching that height might mean you won’t enjoy all its health benefits.

So this means more work for our men, LOL. Get your women strong and healthy by getting her across the finish line.

Like I said earlier, this is no excuse to have multiple sex partners.



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