This wedding ring would stop your cheating spouse from cheating

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 7 January 2017 saa 11:41
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Infidelity in marriage is becoming a big issue these days and Bespoke jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills has come up with an anti-cheating wedding ring that would stop your spouse from cheating.

Most people who cheat tend to remove their wedding rings so they would appear single and this ring by Jason of Beverly Hills will brand “married” on your finger to alert anyone you are with that you are married.

The ring is embossed with ‘deirram’ on the inside. So when you pull off the ring from your finger, “married” is printed on your finger so the potential partner you want to cheat with would know that you are married.

But some people still cheat with their wedding ring on so this ring would probably not stop such people from cheating. Lack of trust in your marriage is another problem that arises with using such a ring because you tell your partner you don’t trust him/her when you ask him/her to wear this ring.

So would you want this ring???