The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) has embarked on addressing management and corruption challenges which undermine the development of cooperatives in Rwanda.

The Ombudsman’s activities report of 2016-2017 indicates poor resources management, embezzlement and mismanagement of arrears among others.

The Minister of Trade, Vincent Munyeshyaka was yesterday summoned by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Political and Gender Affairs about what they expect to do to address challenges among cooperatives.

“The report shows different problems where members are not satisfied with management, characterized with sweeping embezzlement of funds; what do you plan to do to end these challenges?” questioned MP Evariste Karisa.

Munyeshyaka said that they are aware of the problems, adding that they are planning to revise laws regulating cooperatives and suing cooperatives managers who embezzled members’ funds.

“There are management problems in cooperatives, corruption and embezzlement; our prime purpose is to revise laws regulating cooperatives in Rwanda and increase members’ participation in resources management,” he explained.

He added that they are planning to partner with Police and local government officials to help them during monitoring. He said that Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) has few employees that cannot solve all problems in cooperatives.




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