Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has revealed a remarkable rise of citizen satisfaction in justice services with a rise from 63% in 2016 to 74.3% in 2017.

While launching the 2017 Citizen Report Card (CRC 2017) yesterday, RGB Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Anastase Shyaka said citizens have demonstrated high satisfaction with justice services than other services provided by government institutions.

Access to Justice Bureaus (MAJ) is among most commendable services where 88% are aware of their services, among them 81.3% commend their credibility.

Also 88.5% of populations commend services by local mediators (Abunzi).

Shyaka said, though Justice Services are commendable, practitioners should work hard to enable Rwandans live safely.

“Justice Sector is like the foundation of trust and transparency of the country, officials in this sector are holders of nations’ trustworthiness, they should work hard to solve remaining problems,” he said

Speaking at the event, the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General, Johnston Busingye attributed the rise to efforts that have been invested in serving citizens properly.

“Justice Sector has different institutions with different responsibilities, like prisons, investigation bodies, Police and prosecution among others, that’s where those barometers come from, it is not only regarded in local concepts, but also to the international level.

The report shows that Security services are commendable at 91.3% whereas fighting against gender violence at 85.9%.

Local government officials’ services are commendable at 85.6%, Private sector at 74.9%, health at 70.5%, education 68.3% and land services at 66%.




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