Nyarugenge Intermediate Court has sentenced night-patrol officers; VĂ©daste Uzabakiriho and Antoine Twahirwa to life imprisonment after being convicted of burning street children who were sleeping under a gutter near a gas station, in Kigali in an April 28, 2017 incident.

The two officers were found to have committed deliberate savage acts against minors whom they could handle differently.

The accused pleaded guilty.

"They admitted to using sharp pieces of wood to try to dislodge the children from the gutter where they had taken shelter. They added that by sending these pieces of sharp wood into the gutter, they had no other intention than to get them out of there, "reported TV1, quoting the judge who drew the conclusions of the case.

In his defence, Uzabakiriho said that "had he been a criminal, he would have killed all the 38 street children who slept in this gutter.




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