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Nyungwe Park Towers to Improve Bird Watching
Published on 17-01-2013 - at 02:05'

In order to cater for more foreign leisure tourists watching bird species, Nyungwe Park has established three more watch towers.

Tourists using the towers will be able to engage in bird photography.
The Towers are based in Nyamasheke District.

As the tourism industry raises about 40% of the country’s revenue with the Mountain gorillas in North West of Rwanda as the major attraction to date Rwanda is also investing in birds attractions.

Kambogo Ildephonse, of Rwanda Development Board, on tourism development said residents close to the park be trained on how to explore the potential of those watch towers as well as urging them to help leisure tourists to use them.

He said that new tours will help residents to showcase the beauty of their region as well as increasing their revenues.



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