Lake Muhazi...and why I dig the place

By Olga Ishimwe
On 7 February 2018 at 09:24

The sensations of beauty and tranquillity swept through and around my entire body and mind as I consumed in the beauty of Lake Muhazi shores where ripples and wavelets incessantly kiss and tease as they break to a halt.

The shoreline, dormant and unresponsive, unruffled by the wind, nor bothered by the waves, as it layed there, still and restful. Not even by the soft buzzes of musical sounds of crickets and fluffing birds that seem to be inspecting the skies with endearing pageantry. It is a grand display of nature’s pomp.

Albeit very brief, my journey to Muhazi beach in Rwesero on the first Friday of the year 2018 was one of the most insightful trips I’ve ever had. An hour drive away from Kigali, the journey started on a cheerful note and a promising weather. The landscape changed with each mile forward and the surge of green was a change from the city’s view.

Arriving in Rwesero, I was taken aback by the stillness of the place. Well, I’ll admit I was expecting the less than predictable waters of Lake Kivu or its white sandy shores but meeting the calmness of Lake Muhazi’ s placid waters, I was quite disappointed by the contrast. Laying that aside, I noticed big pine trees surrounding the lake and how they adorned it with a curiously majestic look, the minty almost salty taste of the air mostly resulting from the trees.

Understandably, with all the excitement and candidness of a first-time visitor, I felt like I couldn’t get enough of the sight.

During our boat drive to King Fish, one of Lake Muhazi beach resorts, a thought was nagging me. Not the beauty of the landscape –extremely picturesque by the way –nor the juxtaposing shorelines of Lake Muhazi. No way. What was really hitting me was the sense of isolation in the surroundings. Far from being unpleasant, the isolation was perfectly made for night escapades, weekend en couples and honeymoons.

The air had a stingy cold bite amidst the sunlight there. I was told by one of King Fish men that the brisk weather was very natural as summer had long since passed.

Following his statement, the skies darkened and an unforeseen rain started pounding so abruptly that as we enjoyed selfies and pictures, I and my colleagues were shockingly forced into running for the shelters of the resort. Under the rain, I kept my glimpses on and off Lake Muhazi. It maintained the sense of a serene and wave-free welcome.

Contrary to the weather, the atmosphere at the King Fish Beach Hotel was warm and friendly. Not any longer were we seated than the refreshments followed suit. Under the woody decor, we had the fun over fun, interacted in creative games invented by my very authentic colleagues.

The afternoon came by, the heaven-leaking light added a golden tint to the face of the lake and turned into a bliss beauty. Only was I disappointed for not seeing the beautiful and renowned birds such as the Pied Crows, Red Eyed Doves and so many others that usually mark the lake’s gems.

Dusk arrived in no time and unwilling, my friends and I forged our way homewards.

I have now realised that we have little time to enjoy such priceless beauty in our lives. As I sit reminiscing, even the brisk weather did not take away the pleasure of my first Friday of the year. I can still see the rain-pearled grass lingering in my mind. I can still remember the sappy sweet smell of the memories…I do remember the water looked majestic in its stillness and a fairyland all around. Most of all, I remember how it felt to let off rife mind wavelets, feeling relaxed and much younger, having worked out and de-stressed on the day we ushered in the New Year 2018 with merrymaking.

Lake Muhazi is really crowned with quiet and peaceful beauty all of its own. Leaving the venue then, I resolved to return one day to the laid-back yet unexplored unearthly home of beauty and tranquillity.

Lake Muhazi is crowned with a quiet and majestic beauty of its own.
The Landscape's beauty is almost Ethereal
Lake Muhazi also offers a magnificent and clear view
During our boat drive to King Fish, the lake remained serene, wave-free welcome and extremely picturesque
The community enjoys fishes that can easily be found on the Lake shores
King Fish Beach Hotel, where the atmosphere is inviting and friendly
Lake Muhazi's sense of Isolation, far from being unpleasant, is perfectly made for night escapades, weekend en couples and honeymoons
The flora adorning the lake is one not to miss

Photos: Serge Muhizi


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