Over 1,400 enter job market after graduation from University of Kigali

By Esther Muhozi
On 4 June 2024 at 11:03

For the eighth time, the University of Kigali has sent more than 1,428 students into the job market, graduating them at various levels, up to the third level of University in different fields of study.

The graduation ceremony, held at Intare Conference Arena in Gasabo District on Friday, was attended by various dignitaries, including government officials, university representatives, university administrators and parents.

Among the graduates, 388 completed their Master’s degrees, while others graduated with Bachelor’s degrees and PGDE

The graduates included 103 in Education, 595 in Business and Economics, 257 in Computer Science and Technology, and 85 in Law.

Prof. Nshuti Manasseh, one of the university’s founders, stated that the university was established with the goal of offering high-quality education by instructing required courses, particularly because it had become apparent that there was a void in this industry.

He added that the quality has increased, as those who started it had received extensive and complete education themselves, which has continued to guide its excellence.

"At that time, there was confusion in the universities due to various reasons. That’s when we decided to bring in education suitable for Rwandans, providing necessary courses for the job market, but also giving students practical lessons."

Prof. Nshuti reminded the students that Rwandans expect results from their studies, to improve themselves, represent their university well, and contribute to the country’s development.

"For both graduates and current students, learning is a journey. Learning never ends; as you progress, knowledge evolves. Because an educated person strives to increase their knowledge, reaching a level where the country relies on your ideas as an intellectual, strive for that honour."

Fanny Umunyana, who excelled in Business, Economics, and Finance, expressed confidence in the comprehensive knowledge she received, stating that she would use it to tackle challenges in her field.

She said, "I got the knowledge I wanted, and God helped me to be among the top. It requires nothing but setting goals, avoiding distractions, listening to teachers, and seeking knowledge beyond the classroom. There is no other secret. By collaborating with others, the knowledge I have is a resource that will help me achieve my goals."

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kigali, Prof. Danson Musyoki, noted that despite various challenges during these times, the values of unity, inclusivity, determination, perseverance, and striving to achieve goals instilled in these students will help them continue to progress in whatever they undertake.

"I urge you, even after graduating, to maintain the values of resilience, determination, and inclusivity, collaborating with others in different sectors. Let all these be guided by the pursuit of success in the areas you engage in. Continue striving to ensure that your future is marked by the values you acquired at the University of Kigali."

The Vice-Chancellor assured parents that their children received education of international standards, thanking them for their cooperation throughout this period. He also thanked the university staff for their dedicated efforts, ensuring students received up-to-date knowledge.

Among the 1,428 graduates from the University of Kigali, there were 769 female and 659 male students. Prof. Musyoki highlighted that these numbers reflect how the university provides equal opportunities for everyone to access quality education.

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One of the founders of the University of Kigali, Prof. Nshuti Manasseh, told the graduates that learning is continuous.
The graduation ceremony was held at the Intare Conference Arena
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