Bollywood movies, novellas now 24/7 in Rwanda on ZEE channels

On 5 September 2018 at 12:50

You might have had a TV set for long and have probably ever enjoyed watching Bollywood movies in one way or another.

But little has been known among Rwanda residents of the access to Bollywood and more Indian content on locally available platforms.

ZEE Network —global entertainment giant— has made it possible for anyone with subscription to DStv, Canal+, Kwese TV or StarTimes to watch Bollywood movies, novellas and more content on ZEE channels at no extra cost, according to Harish Goyal, Chief Executive Officer in charge of Africa and Asia Pacific at ZEE TV.
Bollywood is the Indian cinema industry known globally for its state-of-the art movies appealing to various categories of people—young and adult, female and male—among others.

Speaking to IGIHE Tuesday in Kigali, Goyal said there are six channels available in Rwanda for 24 hours per seven days in English on different platforms and in French on Canal+.

The English channels include Zee World available on DStv channel 166, Zee
Bollymovies on DStv channel 114 and Kwese TV channel 155 and Zee Bollynova on Kwese TV channel 150.

Zee Magic in French is on Canal+ channel 51 and WION (World Is One News) bringing latest and breaking world news in politics, business, sports, lifestyle and more on Kwese TV channel 731 and on Kwese Play.

There is also Zee Cinema International, one of the most popular movie channels in Asia, which is available on StarTimes channel 507.

Zee World also launched last Sunday the Swahili audio track for its popular series: “Twist of Fate,” which returns for the second season. The Swahili track on Zee World is available in seven regional countries via DStv channel 166 and GOtv channel 25.

Why Rwanda?

Goyal was in Kigali as one of the speakers at a three-day continental business conference. He said it was his first time in the country as his office is based in South Africa.

“Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa; a lot is happening, investment and development. It is also a country of young citizens. For these millennials, the content that we bring really fits with Rwanda,” Goyal said of the ZEE TV interest in Rwanda.

“Rwanda is an important market. We are bringing these programmes in English and French targeting the mainstream audiences in Rwanda.”

The CEO in charge of ZEE operations in 70 countries said their extensive research indicated that there is a cultural resonance between Indians and Africans, more so Rwandans.

The similarities are mainly in the fact that both people in India and Rwanda love music, dance and colourful dresses.

“We show storylines that appeal to Rwandan people. Again, all ZEE TV content is three generation-oriented. This means that grand parents can sit with their grand children and children while watching ZEE channels,” said Goyal.

“Our relationship with Rwanda has just begun. I am confident that this relationship will grow and get strengthened further in the coming time. We are definitely looking at Rwanda as a very important market in Africa, not only in the East Africa.”

He invited Rwandan viewers to try the ZEE channels.

“I am sure that if you give us five minutes, you will like our channels for the rest of your life.”

With over 1.3 billion viewers in 173 countries, India-based ZEE Network has got 40 channels in India and outside of India.

ZEE is the world’s largest aggregator of Bollywood and Indian TV content with 242,000 hours of Bollywood content and a production of fresh 100 hours of content every day.

In Africa, the network has 12 TV channels that reach over 50 million viewers.

Harish Goyal, Chief Executive Officer in charge of Africa and Asia Pacific at Zee TV. He oversees operations in 70 countries