Local Radio Soap Opera’ Celebs release single

On 22 June 2018 at 03:00

Celebrities from Rwanda’s hit radio soap opera ’Ni Nyampinga Sakwe’ are today releasing a second single – Iyo Wishimye. meaning When you’re happy, composed and produced by renowned Rwandan songwriter Clement Ishimwe.

Ni Nyampinga Sakwe, a hugely popular radio Soap Opera follows the lives of its seven young characters with the challenges and friendships they face along the way. The song Iyo Wishimye – meaning ‘When We Are Happy’ – marks the end of season 2 and it is a celebration of friendship and creativity.

The drama was the first initiative by Ni Nyampinga brand – set up by Girl Effect Rwanda - to allow the topic of platonic friendships to be explored through the story lines.

Emma Roscoe, Country Director of Girl Effect Rwanda, voiced her enthusiasm for the way the audience had warmed up to the radio drama.

“We’ve been so pleased to hear back from our audience how much they enjoyed series 2. As the young characters continue to explore the challenges and opportunities of being teenagers we are pleased to know our audience are relating to their storylines and both enjoying and learning from their lives.”

At the end of series 1, the five girls in the cast came together to form a band and released a song. However, by the end of series 2, the boys have also become part of the band too – Iyo Wishimye is a powerful celebration of the positivity of young people coming together.

“We know from the release of our first single, Uri Njye how popular the music element of Ni Nyampinga Sakwe is.” Emma Roscoe continued, “Our audience has been asking us for another song and we are really happy to be sharing Iyo Wishimye with them. Music is such a powerful way of connecting with our audience and helping us to build on the key messages both in the drama and also in our other Ni Nyampinga platforms like the magazine, website, talk radio shows and clubs.”

Ni Nyampingai Nyampinga is Girl Effect’s flagship brand---a creative non-profit that uses media and mobile technology to empower girls, in Rwanda. Made by girls, for girls Ni Nyampinga wants to create a world in which girls are educated, healthy, safe and economically empowered. We believe that when girls do well, everyone benefits. Together with girls across Rwanda, we want all girls to feel empowered to make decisions about their own lives and act on them.

Celebrities from Rwanda’s hit radio soap opera 'Ni Nyampinga Sakwe' are today releasing a second single – Iyo Wishimye.