South African Afro-soul artiste to grace Rwanda’s ‘Live and Unplugged show’

By Olga I. Ishimwe
On 25 May 2018 at 12:00

South African Afro-Soul artiste Berita Khumalo is in Kigali, where she will grace Rwanda’s Live and Unplugged show attendees with outstanding optimal musical bliss.

The keenly awaited 27-year-old award winning singer will be performing in the ‘Live and Unplugged’ event that will take place on Saturday, on 26th May 2018 in Kigali Cultural Village.

Now in its fourth year, The Live and Unplugged show, organized by AfroGroov, will be the ultimate place to be, while hosting the unique continental star.

IGIHE had a chat with the woman of the moment, where she acknowledged her excitement for the coming show and her performance in Rwanda.

Her performance in Kigali is part of her East African tour, which took her to Kampala in Uganda and Nairobi in Kenya earlier this month, and as she said "What better place to end my performance than Rwanda".

The Afro-soul singer has been in the music industry for quite some time, having worked with legend artistes such as the late Hugh Masekela and Oliver Mtukudzi, building a great reputation not only in South Africa but all over the continent.

Upon working with late South African jazz trumpeter, Hugh Masekela, Berita says "I really enjoyed working with Hugh Masekela, and I still miss him. I remember he used to say to me and a lot of people that he never wants to get to a point where we say, ’We used to be Africans’ and he said that if you don’t explore your culture and heritage, you’ll get to that position. By being on this tour, I’m carrying on what he taught me about my culture and myself."

The Afro soul singer gave some insightful remarks on her opinion on Rwanda, saying the country was set to become the next anchor of Africa

"Rwanda, you’re in such a special position and I feel like something is brewing here. In the next few years, I’m sure you’re going to be the next anchor of Africa. They should call you Rwakanda." She gushed

Berita Khumalo has won several accolades such as the 12th Metro Award for Best African album, 2013 Metro Awards-Best African Pop Album, while she was also nominated for Best Afro Soul Artist at the 8th annual Zimbabwe Achievers Awards in South Africa.

The keenly awaited 27-year-old award winning singer will be performing in the ‘Live and Unplugged’ show
Late South African jazz trumpeter, Hugh Masekela
The Live and Unplugged show has brought to Kigali, Africa’s creme de la creme, Berita Gugugulethu