Over 1000 yet to be compensated

On 10 November 2017 at 01:01

About 1000 people from across the country are awaiting compensation from government after being relocated from their properties to give way for new infrastructure development.

The issue was raised by Members of Parliaments this Thursday, as it appeared in the 2016/2017 Ombudsman’s report.

The Standing Committee on Political and Gender Affairs invited the Minister of Local Governance, Francis Kaboneka to explain more about measures in place to end the problem.

MPs said that some people in the report spent four years waiting for compensation after being relocated from their properties by the government.

MP Evariste Kaliza said that the problem is a concern everywhere across the country. He said that laws should be revised if they are hampering compensation and that the government should raise resources to compensate population before they start relocation exercise to avoid interrupting their welfare.

“There is a big problem of local debts that the government owes the population; we always come across this problem in all reports. We always request the Minister of Finance to solve it, but it is still there. You should think of how to solve it,” he said.
By responding to MPs, Kabonekasaid there are more than 1000 people claiming over Rwf200 million.

“I cannot mention the deadline to solve this problem as it touches on different ministries. Also it requires using resources from national budget where sometimes we encounter other priority activities to invest in, but we wish to have this problem solved by 2018-2019 financial year,” he said.

Kaboneka went on to explain that the government has changed ways to compensate people on their properties saying that those relocated from their homes will have new houses constructed for them other than giving them cash.

Minister of Local Governance, Francis Kaboneka