Public warned of disasters due to strong winds

On 22 March 2019 at 04:13

Rwanda Meteorology Agency has cautioned the population of the strong winds predicted to gust in different parts of Rwanda on March 21, 22 and 23 this year and expected to cause damages.

According to the statement signed by the Director General of Rwanda Meteorological Agency, Aimable Gahigi, the strong winds are predicted to blow mostly in the Eastern Province, Western Province, Northern Province and a large part of the Southern Province.

Strong winds are expected to gust on a speed between 8m/s and 12m/s equal to 29Km/h and 43Km/h as per the statement.

“The predicted wind could cause disasters to people and properties and infrastructure. Hence, we call on the population to take measures in a bid to avoid and stop disasters,” the statement reads.

Recently, the Ministry of Emergency Management has cautioned the public of potential disasters that could come with the rainy season.

“About schools, church houses and other places that attract gatherings of people, we ask the public to check if roofs are well tightened and install lightning rods in public buildings,” the Minister in Charge of Emergency, Germaine Kamayirese said.

Statistics by the Ministry of Emergency Management indicate that between January and June last year, disasters killed a total of 234 people and injured 268 others, destroying 15,264 houses and 9412 hectares leaving 797 livestock dead.

An assessment conducted in 15 districts most affected by disasters showed that disasters caused more than Rwf204 billion in economic losses between January and October last year.