BBC freelancer Ndayizera had plans to set Kigali city on fire, RIB discloses

On 23 March 2019 at 05:49

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has explained that it took long to announce the arrest of BBC freelancer Phocas Ndayizera to the public late because he was a suspect in a heinous crime of planning to burn Kigali city along with accomplices who were still at large at the time of his arrest.

This was unveiled yesterday during an interactive session of police with the media where RIB was asked why it doesn’t immediately inform relatives of arrested suspects.

Ndayizera was paraded to the media in November last year at the headquarters on RIB in Kimihurura after his family had reported him missing.

RIB Secretary General Jeannot Ruhunga explained that the institution normally alerts relatives immediately when a suspect is arrested but it couldn’t be possible with the case of Ndayizera.

“Ndayizera had a plan to burn Kigali city which he admitted. What do you think was more urgent between the rights of Kigali residents and knowing where Ndayizeye is detained? And he had accomplices who were to detonate the bombs,” he explained.

“Ndayizera had 10 accomplices at the time of his arrest. If his arrest was disclosed immediately it could not lead to the arrest of those accomplices,” added Ruhunga.

As Ndayizera was paraded before the media, RIB displayed dynamite he was caught with in Nyamirambo which the suspect intended to use to antagonize security.

Terrorism is punished under article 19 of the antiterrorism law. It stipulates that any person who attempts, takes part or supports terrorism acts commits a crime and upon conviction, he shall be liable to a penalty of not less than 15 years of imprisonment but not more than 20 years.