Enjoy and Make the Most of Your Day off Work in Kigali

By Olga Ishimwe
On 25 May 2018 at 06:00

As energizing as the city’s bustling crowds may be, everyone knows there’s something to be said for solitude. Everyone needs alone time now and again, and some things are just better enjoyed on your own. So why not indulge yourself with these pretty great and not so-costly solo activities? Whether you check out an art-gallery, treat yourself to a fancy treatment or drink, combining several of these will make for a pretty great day out in Kigali.

Why not…Venture off for a few hours of relaxation?

Now we’re talking about some real me-time. Kigali has a variety of spas in the metropolitan area that will ease your stress and change your mood as soon as you walk through the door. One such spa is aptly named Saray Spa; in there, you will taste the comforts of world class pampering. Enter a welcoming, attentive staff, private treatment rooms, steam rooms, saunas, fitness Centre and pool- and you will never want to return to the real world.

Among the options on the exquisite treatment menu are Swedish massages, Indian head massages, Jade hot stone therapy, lemon and mint scrubs and luxury facials. Treatments can be combined into half and full-day retreats.

While waiting for in-between treatments, treat yourself to one of Saray’s warm brownies and a glass of champagne.

Taste the comforts of World-Class pampering in Saray Spa

Why not…Vent off some steam in a yoga session?

What better way to relax and find your own thoughts than by taking a wellness class in Yego Yoga Rwanda; a pop-up yoga studio that offers yoga classes at different locations across town. Held in different venues including City Arts in Kimihurura, Soho Fitness and the Inema Art Center in Kacyiru; Yego Yoga Rwanda focuses on feeding your mind, body, and soul.

The studio offers Beginner Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Vinysasa, classes. Moreover, it also offers special classes like Prenatal / Post-natal Yoga classes, AcroYoga, Yoga for Kids, etc…

For Yogi Lovers, do not miss your chance!

Yego Yoga Rwanda's Mazimpaka Aline will teach you ways to relax and find your own thoughts in her wellness classes

Why not…plan your cultural escape in Inema Arts Center?

For the art-loving loner, visiting Inema Arts Center is the best place to go. Tucked in Kacyiru, there surely is no lack of vision and creative spirit in this visual art hub. Hidden within rich colorful paintings, the works of artists; Emmanuel Nkuranga and his brother Emmanuel Nkurunziza give out messages of positivity, encouragement and gratitude.

You will be left enthralled by the unique pieces of artwork that will captivate your attention for hours and drown out any background noise that might distract you.

You will be left enthralled by the unique pieces of artwork in Inema Arts Center

Why not…Grab a cocktail…or two?

After your enjoyable day of taking time out for yourself, have a sip at Trophy’s Sports Lounge, an upscale Cocktail bar located in Kigali, around the corner from RDB’s General headquarters. Try as you might, you won’t find any cocktail menu at this bar anywhere else.

As soon as you step inside a waitress or bartender grills you on whatever cocktail you fancy, from tried-and-tested classics to more obscure creations (the Trophy’s Dawa is a Must-try).

Check out Trophy’s Sports Lounge's cocktails and sip away your day out