Lovers’ Tips: 8 Romantic Destinations for Two

On 21 September 2017 at 02:11

Being in love remains the best feeling but nothing else makes the experience more enjoyable like spending a good time with one’s sweetheart at the ideal romantic getaway.

You are in love and wonder where you can go with a lover to establish inerasable memories! You should discover romantic destinations in Europe and beyond to enjoy their streets, delightful sunsets and inimitable views. We have prepared for you 8 cities. Each of them will be an unforgettable place for a honeymoon or romantic weekend. Feel the love in the air!

1. Paris, France

The city of Paris is ranked the first place in the list of the most romantic cities in the world. This city can be safely called the city of lovers because many couples are eager to spend their honeymoon in this city and look at local attractions — a bakery on the corner, a flower shop or second-hand shops. Visit museums and relax in cozy cafes. Paris is a city created for love. Plunge into the Parisian way of life, settling in a cozy apartment with a view on the roofs and discover the neighborhood every day.

2. Venice, Italy

Wonderful Venice often competes with Paris and takes second place among lovers. The city gives a lot of positive impressions. Lovers enjoy trips on a gondola and admire the palaces located on the embankments. You will feel like the main character of a romantic film in a luxurious and fabulous Venice. Be sure to ride a gondola and make a stop on Piazza San Marco, and then stroll through the cozy streets of the ancient city.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital of Scotland is a real find for lovers of romance with a touch of antiquity. Local hotels located in ancient castles and mansions will bring a truly royal feeling. The Witchery by the Castle is one of the attractions of the city. This hotel will make you feel like a king and this is one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

4. New York, the USA

Many people dream of walking along Manhattan and even more people want to live there. This also can be called one of fun destinations for couples. There are many attractions, restaurants, and cafes with a great atmosphere. Central Park is one of the most popular places. There are so many beautiful fountains, bridges, and benches so you just have to make a romantic photo session. A very popular and romantic activity in the park is horse riding in an open cart. The main thing is to come to the Central Park when there are not a lot of visitors.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is the center of Brazilian tourism. The city lives in the passionate rhythm of samba and splashes all its multi-color in the carnival period. If you are a person with hot blood and ready to plunge into the whirlpool of the extravaganza, Rio awaits you! Do you like white sand and azure waves? Welcome to the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Here everything has a hot and temperamental feeling of love.

6. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city of ballroom dancing, classical music, beautiful parks, delicious pastries and fine wines. It is a great idea to spend a honeymoon in this wonderful city. The capital of Austria is the most romantic place for walking along the streets of the city. Vienna can be called one of the most romantic destinations.

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cheerful and atmospheric Amsterdam is perfect for a romantic weekend. Its historical center will charm everyone thanks to the picturesque canals, small shops, and cozy streets. Be sure to look at the city from the boat!

8. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is not only the most romantic city in Spain but also a vivid example of a combination of a large city with a seaside resort. You can visit all the famous monuments and museums during the day, and immerse yourself in the stormy nightlife with sunset.

The listed cities are a small part of the places where you can go on your honeymoon. Taking into account these beautiful and romantic places, you can easily go abroad and spend the best days of your life there.

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