Relish a delectable Coffee Experience with Kigali Marriott Hotel

On 16 February 2019 at 03:20

Imagine sipping a cup of your favorite coffee on a relaxing day, savoring the richness of its flavor and quality of the brew while enjoying a memorable experience of world-class services.

The Kigali Marriott Hotel’s Iriba Bar and Terrace has provided a fitting spot for such an experience. Launched this Friday, the two-day ’Coffee Xperience’ welcomed coffee lovers in a cozy and lively atmosphere, encouraging people to appreciate the intricacies of a great-tasting cup that not only appeals to the senses but more importantly, soothes stressed souls craving for some laid-back moments.

The event presented a series of delightful activities such as Coffee tasting, coffee art lessons, all guided by various expert baristas together with the main coffee supplier of Kigali Marriott hotel, Question Coffee. The Coffee Xperience also involved coffee-flavored desserts and cakes conceived by the hotel’s artistic chefs.

“The Coffee Xperience was inspired after seeing how the public warmly welcomed the International Coffee Day celebration we held last September,” says Alyson Hayes, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at Kigali Marriott Hotel.

Hayes also observed that the event was a way of extending the fun of most coffee lovers who were attending the African Fine Coffees and Exhibition that was taking place in Rwanda from February 13-15, 2019.

“The Rwandan Coffee is a brew that is continuously evolving in the country and its high-quality is what attracts and delights both foreigners and Rwandans. This event is the hotel’s way of bringing together coffee lovers with our partners, Question Coffee and 1000 Hills Distillery for an unforgettable experience. Everyone is welcome to come to the hotel and enjoy all we have to offer.” Hayes added enthusiastically.

With the state-of-art service model, guests enjoyed even more as they mingled in a relaxing environment.

The ‘Coffee Xperience’ took place on 15th and 16th February, and was a relish to many.

Kigali Marriott Hotel is located in the City Centre not far from Kigali City Council offices. The five-star hotel is a part of Marriott International which is present across 127 countries and territories with more than 6,700 properties globally.

The 'Coffee Xperience' was a colorful display for those who attended
The event involved a series of activities that deepened knowledge about Coffee
Beautiful coffee-flavored desserts and cakes conceived by the hotel’s artistic chefs were also displayed
There were also numerous coffee liqueurs from 1000 Hills Distillery