12 resolutions at the 17th National Dialogue ’Umushyikirano 2019’

On 26 December 2019 at 11:38

From December 19th to December 20th, 2019, the 17th National Dialogue ’Umushyikirano 2019’ was held at Kigali Convention Center chaired by President Paul Kagame.

The dialogue started with a state of the nation address where President Kagame reiterated that "Rwanda is doing well". He also thanked Rwandans and friends of the country for their contribution in developing Rwanda.

He urged Rwandans not to fold their arms but to build on what has already been achieved and get better results.

He added that security is always an urgent matter because without it the country would never prosper.

During the dialogue, panel discussions were held which discussed the state of the economy and the wellbeing of Rwandans at large as well as obstacles hindering the development of Rwanda and solutions to counter them under the themes "Driving double-digit growth" and "Engaging families for community resilience".

The following resolutions were taken during the two-day dialogue:

  1. Relocating residents from wetlands and high-risk zones to safer places and explaining to them that the policies being implemented are made to avoid putting their lives at stake.
  1. Collaborating with the Private Sector Federation (PSF) to improve industries’ capacity utilization especially in promoting Made in Rwanda products and services.
  1. Establishing facilities for SMEs to store their products especially for agricultural products and solving issues business owners face including access to packaging, no cold storage rooms, lack of knowledge in seed preparation and less to no dairy production.
  1. Improving health posts across the country by equipping them with adequate facilities to help serve patients.
  1. Lifting disadvantaged families from poverty and sensitizing them more about self-sufficiency.
  1. Establishing measures with the support of non-governmental and religious organizations aiming at building resilience within Rwandan families and teaching parents to respect their parenting duties.
  1. Promoting Early Child Development(ECD) activities and training teachers in the one-year readiness program about children’s physical well-being and motor development, social and emotional development, cognitive and language development, self-help skills and general knowledge.
  1. Facilitating the Rwandan diaspora in contributing to the development of the country especially in the health sector and sensitizing them to share the knowledge they have acquired to the benefit of the country.
  1. Building more classrooms to solve the problem of overcrowded classrooms that impeded the learning of children.
  1. Making reforms in the education sector to allow students with high grades to receive government scholarships regardless of their social status.
  1. Solving the problem of network connectivity and other malfunctioning infrastructures that impede the development of the country.
  1. Accelerating poverty eradication through Vision 2020 Umurenge Program (VUP) Integrated Local Development Program and solving the problem of delayed payments for citizens who have completed tasks for government institutions.
    The 17th National Dialogue 'Umushyikirano 2019' was held at Kigali Convention Center chaired by President Paul Kagame.