157 cattle impounded grazing in Gabiro military barracks to be auctioned

On 4 September 2019 at 03:16

The management of Gatsibo district is set to auction 157 cows impounded grazing in the premises of Gabiro military barracks.

The move follows the consultations of Gatsibo district management which agreed on 24th February 2018 that cows encroaching the precincts of Gabiro military barracks should be impounded and auctioned to keep the money in public coffers.

Lawyer Ndayobotse Silas, the court bailiff following up the auctioning has said that the auction is scheduled on Wednesday 11th September 2019.

“The auction will take place in Gabiro military barracks, Gatsibo district where the cows are impounded. The auction will be preceded by visiting the cows at 10 am,” he said.

Before ruling the auction, a pastoralist identified as Steven Safari owning 104 cows impounded in the premises filed a court case requesting to stop the auctioning of his herd.

He explained that his cattle went missing and later heard that they were impounded in Gabiro military barracks.

Safari filed the complaint to the Nyagatare court of high instance on 22nd July 2019 after failing to convince the district on the release of his cows.

The court also ruled the auctioning of these cows. Previously the number of cattle to be auctioned was 158 but one died later and reduced to 157.

In the past two weeks, the management of Gatsibo district auctioned 493 cows from 18 pastoralists at a cost of Rwf 83.2 million while Nygatare district earned Rwf 25 million from the auction of 180 cows of 13 pastoralists.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources and local leadership explained that Gabiro haunts diseases over the presence of wild animals.

According to Eastern Province officials, the decision was taken for the security of cattle and containing the spread of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) among cows.

A fine ranging between Rwf 15 000 and 38 000 was instituted for pastoralists with cattle found grazing in the barracks’ premises but efforts were futile until tougher punishments to auction cows went into force.

Previously the number of cattle to be auctioned was 158 but one died later and reduced to 157.