19 terrorists in Musanze attack killed

On 7 October 2019 at 10:54

Following a deadly to residents of Musanze that left fourteen dad, Police mounted a hunt for the assailants and has confirmed that 19 of the attackers were shot dead while 5 were arrested and paraded before the media yesterday.

Surviving attackers said they were from FDLR and had come on a mission to take control of the country. They wore military uniforms.

14 victims of the attack in Kinigi sector of Musanze district killed Friday night were yesterday laid to rest.

Initially, Rwanda National Police (RNP) announced that eight people were killed during the attack but death the toll rose to 14 victims yesterday.

Some of the victims were laid to rest in Nyabageni village, Kabazungu cell in Musanze sector.

Before laying killed residents to rest, officials comforted residents and assured them of their security.

The burial was attended by different Government officials including, Northern Province Governor, Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney, parliamentarians, Police and Soldiers.

The statement signed by RNP spokesperson, John Bosco Kabera reads that some of the assailants who killed residents with extreme cruelty are still on the run.

“Some of the residents were found home killed with knives and stones. This proves the extreme cruelty of these assailants. The operation to hunt down the attackers resulted in killing 19 assailants while 5 have been arrested,” reads part of the statement.

CP Kabera said that security is guaranteed in Kinigi sector.