"2020 is a reminder to work harder towards ’Vision 2050’." -President Kagame

On 1 January 2020 at 03:26

President Kagame ushered Rwandans into the New Year 2020 urging them to work harder to achieve ’Vision 2050’ ,Rwanda’s overarching development goal that aims at achieving upper-middle-income status by 2035 and high-income by 2050. In his end of the year speech, he mentioned that 2019 was a fruitful year and that if Rwandans work harder, 2020 will be even better.

President Kagame said that in 2019, Rwanda achieved many milestones towards development but that unfortunately the latest flooding catastrophes that affected different parts of the country was a setback that is currently in focus in order to find sustainable solutions and ensuring the wellbeing of Rwandans.
"If we build on what we have already achieved throughout 2019, 2020 is guaranteed to be more prosperous"
President Kagame said that more plans for development have been set and recommended Rwandans to observe unity in order to achieve the ’Vision 2050’ common goal. "My wish for this year is that we reach greater miles , be it in agriculture, education, trade, health or security."

President Kagame said that 2020 is a reminder to continue working towards ’Vision 2050’ as Rwanda transition from the ’Vision 2020’ that was set in 2000. "Vision 2050 is a double-phase goal which provides us with a platform to evaluate our achievements every 15 years."
He called upon Rwandans to build on what has already been achieved as they work towards a better and more ambitious vision.

Vision 2050 puts a stronger emphasis on human capital development as a key priority area and aims to ensure high standards of living for all Rwandans with easier access to health facilities, infrastructures, and education.
In 2015, Income per capita was $720 per annum and ’Vision 2020’ outlined a bolder goal whereby 2020, Income Per Capita would reach $1240 per year.

2020 marks the year where the Government of Rwanda will be transitioning to ‘Vision 2050” whereby 2035, Rwanda will be a middle-income country. With the assumption that the economy will be growing by 10% on average, Income Per Capita will be Rwf 10 Million per annum.