6000 teachers needed to address shortage in primary and secondary schools

On 15 January 2020 at 05:44

Rwanda Education Board (REB) has announced that it is planning to address the teacher shortage in primary and secondary schools. Currently, 6000 teachers are needed to fill the gap.

Teacher shortage occurred due to various reasons including poor working conditions, lack of support, lack of autonomy, and the changing curriculum.

However, statistics from the Ministry of Education say otherwise.
The number of primary schools teachers has increased from 43558 in 2016 to 44544 in 2018 and primary schools from 2842 to 2909. In secondary schools, the number increased from 28,875 to 30,040 and secondary schools from 1575 to 1728.

Despite the promising statistics, the increasing number of students does not match the available teachers and that will inevitably cause a decline in educational standards.

Overcrowded classrooms affect teacher performance due to more books to mark, more children to monitor, more children’s behavior that needs managing and so on.

During the graduation ceremony of 3859 students in Teacher Training Colleges (TTC)on January 14th, 2020, REB Director General, Ndayambaje Irénée said there was a shortage of 6000 teachers in Rwanda. “This year only, we need up to 6000 teachers in primary and secondary schools to address the shortage but so far, we have 380 pending applications.”

To deal with the shortage, REB has instructed TTC schools to hand over diplomas to graduates within the shortest delay so that the graduates can apply and contribute to filling the teacher shortage gap.

Ngabonziza Joseph, TTC Kabarore Director said there is a problem with fewer students in teacher prep programs but due to sensitization activities more and more students are applying to study in TTCs.

“The number of applicants is much higher compared to before.” He said that issuing diplomas to graduates will help solve the shortage of teachers.

Normally, 1 teacher should not have more than 46 students in a classroom but REB reported that some classrooms have more than 60 students worsening teachers’ workload.

REB Director General, Ndayambaje Irénée said there was a shortage of 6000 teachers in Rwanda.