Airtel invests in upgrade of Rwanda 3G network

On 30 October 2019 at 06:51

Rwanda’s fastest-growing service provider of prepaid, postpaid mobile, & 3G data services has upgraded its 3G network in Rwanda. Previously, Airtel had 183 and 230 3G enabled sites on their 072 and 073 lines respectively.

Today, Airtel prides itself with an indoor coverage boost covering 98% of Rwanda with 628 sites serving both lines. Airtel spearheads bridging the digital divide in Rwanda to the growing demand of data users and the increase of smartphone penetration. It aims to deploy stronger spectrums that allow good transmission of voice, messages, and data.

Amit Chawal, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director said, “We have placed a huge investment in our network consolidation to enable our customers to have improved data experience. This infrastructure plays a key role in economic development, which can create a virtuous cycle where incomes improve and access increases.”

Airtel’s mobile network operations in Rwanda cover over 98 percent of the country, offering voice, data and mobile commerce services on its 3G network. With the improved 3G network upgrade, this means that there is a shift by Airtel to 900Mhz from the 2100Mhz band meaning that signals will travel a longer distance — the higher the frequency band, the lesser the distance and the poorer the quality. The 900 MHz band has 30 percent to 40 percent better coverage than the 2100 MHz band. With this Airtel prides itself to be the fastest and most affordable data network in Rwanda.

Airtel has improved penetration in buildings across major towns to enable improved data experience for its customers.

Our customers can now enjoy the widest internet coverage in Rwanda. Enjoy our affordable data packs, dial *255*2# on your devices to enjoy this service. The youth can also continue to enjoy the Jama packs on *154#.

To check the data bundle balance, Airtel subscribers can *131*1#. For more information, kindly reach us on our social media or through our call center number 100 or WhatsApp us on this number: 0722123000

Amit Chawla the Managing Director of Airtel Rwanda