Another dealer in counterfeit money arrested in Rubavu

On 7 August 2019 at 02:58

Police in Rubavu District have arrested another man said to be part of the ring that
either counterfeits or circulates fake money.

Boniface Nduhura was apprehended Monday at a bar in Gisenyi town with fake US$5,
500, Police said.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kayigi, the Police spokesperson for the
Western Region, said that the arrest of Nduhura followed a tip-off from people, who
were in the same bar as him.

“Some people, who were in the same bar that night heard Nduhura arguing with his
a colleague on how to share the genuine money after exchanging the fake dollar notes, and they immediately called security personnel, who were nearby,” he said.

CIP Kayigi added: “His accomplice managed to escape arrest but after Nduhura’s
arrest he was searched and security personnel recovered US$5500 from him, all fake.”

According to the spokesperson, Ndahura is part of a network that distributes fake
money especially in Gisenyi and Kigali.

“He is connected to other suspects, who have been arrested in different parts of the
country over the same financial crimes. There are other people in this criminal business who are known to security organs and will also be arrested to face justice,” he warned.

CIP Kayigi commended the role of the public in identifying and arresting people
engaged in these criminal tendencies.

“Most of the arrests were made due to vigilance and quick information sharing with the
people; we continue to encourage the public to be vigilant and share information at any time on anyone they know or suspect to be engaged in these financial crimes.”

Last week, Police and investigators in Kigali arrested a woman with fake US$20, 000.
During the same week, at least five other people were arrested in different parts of the
country over the same crime.

According to article 269 of the penal code, any person who, fraudulently counterfeits,
falsifies coins or banknotes which are legal tender in Rwanda or one who introduces or
issues in Rwanda such effects or notes with the knowledge that they are forged or falsified commits an offense.

Upon conviction, he or she is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than five
years and not more than seven years.