April 8th in the history of genocide

On 8 April 2020 at 04:22

April 8th, 1994 marked the second day of the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. In different areas of Rwanda, mass slaughter was at its peak while the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) advanced towards the enemy determined to stop the genocide.

Today in 1994, Maj. Gen. Paul Kagame who was the leader of the RPF waged war against the government of Habyarimana after they failed to respect the 1993 Arusha Accords. The agreements envisioned a transitional government including the RPF and five other parties in Rwanda at the time.

As reported by the National Commission For The Fight Against Genocide ( CNLG ), the liberation war started in Byumba and Ruhengeri.
In Nyaruguru district, Tutsi families who had sought refuge at Mata tea plantation were all massacred in cold blood.

Tutsi families who attempted to escape to former Zaïre (DRC) were intercepted by Interahamwe militia and gathered to be killed in Rusura, Bugeshi sector in current Gisenyi.

French and Belgian military officers began a rescue mission to bring back home their citizens who resided in Rwanda in 1994 in missions dubbed "Operation Amaryllis" for the French and "Silver Back" for the Belgians.

Tutsi who were hidden in Mwiri and Nyawera in Kayonza district were found and killed.

Interahamwe militia and members of Habyarimana presidential guard massacred Tutsi who had sought refuge at Saint Karoli Lwanga Parish and at the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Joseph in Nyamirambo.

Tutsis who were hidden at St André in Nyamirambo were also killed.

Between April 8th, 14th and 25th, 1994, Tutsis who were hidden at Ruhuha parish were killed.

On April 8th, massacres began in other parts of the country including former Rutsiro commune in Kibuye.

RPF soldiers arrived in Kigali and Kagame Paul informed the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (MINUAR) he was sending a batallion to stop the killings of Habyarimana army.

In Kinigi, Musanze district, Col. Setako Ephraim ordered the slaughter of Tutsi who resided there. Fortunately, the RPF intercepted the massacre and managed to save a few Tutsi.

Up to 5000 Tutsi who had sought refuge at Cyambara Adventist Church in Bigogwe sector, current Rubavu district were massacred.

Tutsi families inside Shyira hospital in former Ruhengeri prefecture, current Nyabihu district were killed.

Tutsi who were hidden at Mudende Adventist church and at Bweramana Adventist church in Bweramana, Rubavu district were slaughtered.

At ADEPR church in Kabumba, former Gisenyi prefecture and at Mudende Adventist University in Rubavu district, hundreds of Tutsi families were killed.

Thousands of Tutsi were killed in several other parts of the country including:

Kesho Hills, Rubaya, Ngororero district

Kavumu, former Ramba commune

Gakenke district center

Bukeri, former Ndusu commune, at Mukungwa river and in Vunga area Busengo subprefecture