Amb. Sebashongore presents credentials to represent Rwanda to EU institutions

On 12 February 2021 at 11:44

Rwanda’s ambassador in Belgium, Dr. Sebashongore Dieudonné has presented credentials to represent Rwanda to European Union institutions.

He presented letter of credence yesterday to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

Amb. Sebashongore had previously presented copies of credentials to the Chief of Protocol at European Union Commission, Nicolas de La Grandville.

Speaking to IGIHE after presenting credentials yesterday, Amb. Sebashongore said he also conveyed a message from President Paul Kagame.

“He [Charles Michel] appreciates Rwanda especially President Paul Kagame. I also brought him a message related to longstanding relations rooted on their good friendship,” he said.

Amb. Sebashongore also revealed that their discussions reflected on the history of Rwanda where Charles commended Rwanda’s efforts to preventing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Discussions have been held in a good atmosphere. People understand Rwanda’s journey of transformation. The situation is promising that we will cooperate in many areas like promoting investment, energy sector and agriculture, once Covid-19 pandemic is set aside,” he noted.

Amb. Sebashongore arrived in Belgium on 16th August 2020.

As he presented credentials to represent Rwanda in Belgium last year, Amb. Sebashongore committed to consolidate gains and root progress on predecessors’ achievements.

President Paul Kagame appointed Sebashongore as ambassador to Belgium last year in February replacing Amandin Rugira who is currently representing Rwanda to Zambia.

The institutions of the European Union are the seven principal decision-making bodies of the European Union (EU).

Most EU institutions were created with the establishment of the European Community in 1958. Much change since then has been in the context of shifting the balance of power away from the Council and towards the Parliament.