DOT Rwanda hailed for contribution to youth empowerment initiatives

On 5 April 2021 at 10:30

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) has been hailed for contribution to youth’s development in Rwanda over the past ten years since the non-profit organization was launched.

The appreciation was made yesterday as the organization celebrated 10-year anniversary since it was established in Rwanda which coincided with the launch of projects aimed at promoting youth’s development.

The virtual event brought together participants from different countries where the organization has footprints.

These include Janet Longmore, the founder and CEO of DOT, representative of Canada’s embassy to Rwanda, Francois Quenneville Dumont; the Minister of Sports and Culture, Rosemary Mbabazi and the Country Director of DOT Rwanda, Uwamutara Violette.

The CEO of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), representatives from Imbuto Foundation, the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of ICT and Innovation were also present.

Some of youth working with the organization day to day highlighted that DOT Rwanda has equipped them with relevant skills that ushered them into development.

With visual impairment, Papi Sibomana, currently pursuing Master’s degree in the United Kingdom. He hailed DOT Rwanda for introducing packages that support differently abled persons.

“DOT Rwanda has unleashed my fears until I became an entrepreneur. Special thanks go to DOT Rwanda for inclusive support which also considers differently abled people. I would like to advise the youth to focus on their dreams regardless of their living conditions,” he said.

The Country Director of DOT Rwanda, Violette Uwamutara emphasized that the organization has for the past ten years helped the youth to meet their aspirations and transform their families’ welfare.

She explained that empowering the youth helps to address challenges facing the community at large.

“ I have for the past ten years learnt that concerting youth’s efforts and helping them to analyze problems miring the society , provides ground for transformations bringing sustainable solutions,” said Uwamutara.

Minister Rosemary Mbabazi thanked DOT Rwanda for contribution to youth’s development and assured continued collaboration to support the cause.

“You have played a critical role in youth’s development for over ten years. Your interventions have been key to provide opportunities that seemed unavailable to the youth. We wish you would carry on your commitment and assure continued collaboration in different activities,” she noted.

Mbabazi reminded beneficiaries to take advantage of presented opportunities and share acquired skills with colleagues.

The Founder and CEO of DOT, Janet Longmore thanked different partners for their contribution to make DOT Rwanda successful.

One of supported projects is called “Daring to shift” expected to transform lives of 7650 young people of whom 70% are female. They will be trained on integrating technology in their businesses to spur growth, create innovations making them role models bringing positive transformations in the society.

The project will be implemented in partnership with Canada through Global Affairs Canada program.

“Digital Skills for Business” is another project aimed at imparting women entrepreneurs with digital skills and helping them to leverage technology to promote business growth.

It will be funded by the World Bank through “Digital Development Partnership” project.

As of today, DOT has supported 821 university graduates in Rwanda.
They were equipped with different digital skills, job creation and skills helping them to create innovations bringing positive transformation to the community among others.

These beneficiaries imparted these skills and transformed lives of 109,000 people in all districts countrywide.