Eden Care expands reach to Rwandans abroad with digital medical insurance services

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 6 February 2024 at 05:40

Eden Care, a leading digital health insurer specializing in both medical coverage and preventive care for non-communicable diseases, is set to broaden its services to Rwandans living abroad. The move aims to empower individuals overseas to easily acquire health insurance for their loved ones back home.

Medical insurance plays a vital role in Rwanda, alleviating the financial burden associated with healthcare when individuals fall ill.

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE on the sidelines of Rwanda Day 2024 in Washington DC, Kevin Rudahinduka, the CEO of Eden Care, revealed the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to enable Rwandans abroad to purchase digital medical insurance for their relatives and friends without geographical constraints.

Rudahinduka emphasized, "Rwandans living abroad can access our digital medical insurance services, enabling them to purchase health insurance for themselves or their loved ones back in Rwanda. Our streamlined process allows for seamless transactions using various payment methods, similar to buying a plane ticket."

He further explained that individuals abroad, upon purchasing services, can actively monitor the healthcare provided to their beneficiaries. This includes the ability to connect with the treating physician and stay informed about prescribed tests and treatments through a user-friendly mobile interface.

"Once you engage with our services, you have the capability to closely track the healthcare journey of the insured individual. You can virtually meet the attending doctor, review prescribed tests, and monitor the overall treatment progress directly from your smartphone," Rudahinduka added.

Addressing the needs and preferences of the diaspora, Rudahinduka expressed a willingness to adapt and enhance the services offered. He invited members of the diaspora to share their feedback, enabling Eden Care to tailor its offerings to meet the unique expectations and requirements of its clients.

"We are eager to receive your input and understand how we can enhance and customize our services to align with your specific needs. Your perspective on healthcare services may differ from those in Rwanda, and we are committed to crafting special solutions catering to the diaspora community," stated Rudahinduka.

In addition to accessing information through the center’s website, discussions are underway to facilitate seamless collaboration between individuals abroad and healthcare providers in Rwanda.

The aim is to create a user-friendly process that eliminates the need for physical presence or travel, ensuring efficient healthcare management from anywhere in the world.

Kevin Rudahinduka, the CEO of Eden Care (right) also participated in Rwanda Day 2024.