Kagame receives credentials of new ambassadors

On 29 June 2021 at 06:48

President Paul Kagame yesterday received letters of credence of four ambassadors to represent their countries to Rwanda. They all pledged to enhance bilateral relations and cooperation in economic development between their respective countries and Rwanda.

The four ambassadors include Amir Mohammad Khan of Pakistan, Jesús Agustín Manzanilla Puppo of Venezuela, Valentin Zellweger of Switzerland and Sasirit Tangulrat of Thailand.

Amir Mohammad Khan of Pakistan will be based in Rwanda while Jesús Agustín Manzanilla Puppo of Venezuela, Valentin Zellweger of Switzerland and Sasirit Tangulrat of Thailand will represent their countries to Rwanda with residence in Nairobi, Kenya.

After presenting credentials, new envoys expressed readiness to foster bilateral ties, promote trade, investment and technology among others.

Valentin Zellweger representing Switzerland to Rwanda revealed that talks with Kagame revolved around promoting bilateral relations that has existed for 60 years.

“We have discussed areas of mutual interests as both countries are landlocked and characterized by hilly topographies. We have agreed to expend much efforts to strengthen existing relations. Economic development is among other discussed areas of priority,” he said.

Zellweger explained that new cooperation will take heed on promoting technology, helping Rwanda to become a hub for conferences among others.

Rwanda and Thailand have been enjoying cordial relations for the past 34 years.

The Ambassador of Thailand to Rwanda, Sasirit Tangulrat said that cooperation between both countries will prioritize technology, tourism and health sector.

“We will celebrate 35 years of bilateral relations between Rwanda and Thailand next year. We might organize a celebration depending on the situation of COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

Amb. Sasirit Tangulrat explained that promoting technology is of great relevance particularly during COVID-19 where both countries can learn from each other.

Jesús Agustín Manzanilla Puppo representing Venezuela to Rwanda expressed delight to be in the country of thousand hills and commended Rwanda’s economic progress and efforts to promote access to healthcare.

He revealed that presenting credentials to Kagame is the beginning of a fruitful journey to strengthen bilateral ties that existed for 40 years.

Kagame also received the ambassador of Djibouti, Mohamed Idriss Farah who completed his eight-year tour of duty in Rwanda.