MTN Rwanda launches 4G LTE network technology countrywide

On 24 July 2023 at 07:34

MTN Rwanda PLC, the largest telecommunications company in Rwanda has launched its 4G LTE network. This launch marks a significant milestone in Rwanda’s telecommunications industry, with the aim to revolutionize Rwanda’s digital landscape, offering faster, affordable and more reliable connectivity to individuals, communities, and businesses across the country.

Upon receiving its modified license that gives effect to the updated Broadband Policy enabling liberalised access to 4G and future technologies, MTN Rwandacell PLC (MTN Rwanda) has upgraded its network to enable its 4G, LTE connectivity, guaranteeing seamless customer experience.

The introduction of 4G technology by MTN Rwanda will provide improved connectivity and faster data speeds, paving the way for improved internet access. With improved connectivity, users will be empowered to access enhanced digital services, multimedia content, and social platforms, while businesses will be empowered to leverage enhanced network capabilities to drive innovation and to expand their digital presence, unlocking new opportunities in various sectors.

Mapula Bodibe, MTN Rwanda Chief Executive Officer expresses her gratitude to the Government of Rwanda saying, “We thank the Government of Rwanda for the continuous support, providing a conducive operating environment that allows us to provide increased connectivity and drive digital inclusion, leaving no one behind. This comes at a time when MTN is celebrating 25 years of operation in Rwanda and we cannot help but reflect on the journey of the telecom industry in Rwanda and how the same vision that brought an innovative mobile network operator into Rwanda for the first time 25 years ago, is now liberalising 4G and future technologies for the benefit of Rwandans. By launching the next generation 4G LTE technology, we are not only investing in the network, but we are also, and most importantly, investing in leading digital solutions for Rwanda’s progress.”

MTN Rwanda has rolled out its new 4G, LTE technology across 80% of its network sites which makes MTN Rwanda the largest and widest provider of 4G technology in Rwanda. In addition to the roll out of its own 4G network, the Company will be investing more than Rwf 26 billion in network infrastructure modernization, as a commitment to provide its customers with the best-in-class network connectivity and digital experience.

Eugen Gakwerere, MTN Rwanda Chief Technical Officer also commented on MTN Rwanda’s 4G launch stating, “MTN Rwanda has rolled out the largest and widest 4G network in the country, which will deliver increased network capacity, increased coverage and guarantee a seamless customer experience. We know that improvements made on infrastructure go hand in hand with customer experience, and we assure our customers that we’ve made certain that they will enjoy a smooth end-to-end experience of our products and services. Today’s roll out promises to deliver an improved quality of service, that is second to none, underlined by our core belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life.”

MTN customers subscribed to the MTN 4G service will be happy to know they can use their 4G bundles at the same price as their 3G bundles. There will be no extra charge to customers accessing MTN 4G services, which will ensure that the MTN 4G service is accessible and affordable by all customers.

Customers can also visit their nearest MTN Service Center or Connect shop to swap to an MTN 4G SIM card at no additional cost and enjoy Free Whatsapp for one week. Those without 4G enabled devices can purchase them at affordable daily, weekly, or monthly instalments on Macye Macye by dialling *182*12#.

“MTN’s 4G network will act as a catalyst for Rwanda’s digital transformation and open a new world of possibilities in the digital sphere for individuals, businesses, and communities. We are thrilled to be a part of this milestone and we’re ready to support our customers to achieve their own significant milestones in their lives through our advanced network technology capabilities and affordable service offerings that will enable them to access tools, knowledge, and connections to improve their lives,” concluded Bodibe.

About MTN Rwandacell Plc

MTN Rwandacell Plc (MTN Rwanda) is the market leader in mobile telecommunications in Rwanda. Since 1998, the telecom has continuously invested in expanding and modernising its network and leading digital solutions for Rwanda’s progress. MTN Rwanda offers various services to subscribers, including innovative propositions such as personalised voice and data offers for individuals and corporates everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life.

MTN Rwanda has launched 4G LTE network technology countrywide.