MTN upgrades to enrich customers’ experience

On 14 June 2021 at 02:58

In a bid to maintain excellent customer-centric services; Rwanda’s leading telecom, MTN Rwanda has installed 40 new telecommunication towers and introduced ways facilitating customers to access services without necessity for physical presence at MTN branches.

The upgrade follows subscribers’ complaints for network failures, dropped calls, unclear calls and slow internet.

New infrastructures have been installed in different parts of Kigali city to enrich customers’ with improved experience.

Eugen Gakwerere, the Chief Technical Officer at MTN Rwanda has explained that there are various reasons for slow internet.

“There are three major reasons causing slow internet. First, the subscriber might be located out of coverage area. Secondly, customers using the same network might be congested in one area. Thirdly, the telecommunication tower in the area might have had a technical problem,” he said.

Gakwerere revealed that the telecom has installed new towers to address the problem while more projects are in the pipeline to improve service delivery.

“We would like to reassure subscribers that we have installed 40 telecommunication towers within the past three months in Kigali. They were particularly erected in sectors surrounding Kigali namely; Nduba, Jabana, Rusororo, Bumbogo among others. MTN subscribers in these sectors and elsewhere are to witness changes, particularly, fast internet,” he explained.

“MTN is also installing 27 more towers to be completed by August 2021 to maintain improved service delivery to over 6 million customers who subscribed to its network,” he added.

Gakwerere said that some network problems in the past few days have resulted from upgrading activities and reassured subscribers of enriched experience with MTN network.

Apart from network upgrade, MTN Rwanda has also introduced ways helping customers to reset passwords while transacting with Mobile Money without necessity for physical presence at the telecom’s branches.

A subscriber who forgot his/her password with a balance below Rwf 3000 on Mobile Money can change password without further assistance by dialing *182*9*3# and follow instructions.

Among others, customers will be able to verify the telecom’s short service codes by dialing *456#.

The telecom is also set to launch a digital platform whereby subscribers will file complaints to MTN Rwanda staff directly via provided website link: www.mtn.co.rw.

MTN Rwanda will provide a Whatsapp number where subscribers can get real-time feedback.

Towards the end of 2020, MTN Rwanda launched MTN Device Trade-in (NI DILU), a program enabling existing MTN customers to upgrade any brand of their old devices (Basic phones, Feature phones or Smartphones) to new Smartphones without any other condition related to buying voice or data services.

Interested customers are able to get their old devices graded, valued, and receive an instant voucher. Upon agreeing with the valuation, the customer chooses any Smartphone in an MTN shop and get a discount that is equivalent to the issued voucher.

MTN’s Senior Manager of Customer Experience, Rosine Dusabe has explained that all these efforts are meant to facilitate customers to embrace technology.

“We want our customers to go with the current development pace and embrace technology to get services from the comfort of their homes without necessarily heading to MTN Service Centers,” she noted.

Dusabe reiterated the telecom’s commitment to maintain improved service delivery for the delight of customers.

Subscribers with rampant network problems are urged to click provided link: https://www.mtn.co.rw/personal/help/network-support/ , leave a message explaining the situation, phone number and location to have the issues fixed.

MTN Rwanda Headquarters. Net Photo