Rwandans in USA urged to defend their dignity

On 8 July 2021 at 07:58

Rwandan Community in Midwest has celebrated the 27th anniversary of Rwanda’s liberation, paying tribute to men and women who paid ultimate sacrifice in different ways to free the nation.

Rwanda celebrates Liberation Day every year on 4th July 2021.

The event was recently held in the State of Indiana, in South Bend city, where many Rwandans from different neighboring states like Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee came to celebrate together.

Nxumalo Ruhaya, the President of Rwandan Community Abroad (RCA) in Midwest welcomed participants and thanked the Embassy for sending Lt Col Raoul Bazatoha to grace the event.

Ruhaya also reminded Rwandans to uphold the legacy of men and women of RPA Inkotanyi who sacrificed their lives to free the nation everyone is proud to call home.

Lt Col Raoul Bazatoha, Defense Attaché to the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda, who was among guests of honor reminded Rwandans of the history and long journey to liberate Rwanda from regimes that ruled since 1959 with ideologies of division and conquer, ethnic privileges, and discrimination and exclusion which led to the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

He shared the heroism of the Commander-in-Chief of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), President Paul Kagame who led the battle with a great vision to liberate the country and build a Rwanda without discriminations of any kind.

Lt Col Bazatoha also reminded Rwandans the country’s liberation was through a great sacrifice guided by a vision of a better society.

"Our liberation was earned and therefore sustainable. The complete liberation is to have urgency and be able to defend our dignity as Rwandans and as Africans. The potential strength we have together is greater than the sum of riches if we are divided," he said.

Paying tribute to the men and women and all unsung heroes who died while stopping the genocide against Tutsi, Lt Col Bazatoha thanked Rwandans who helped during the liberation struggle. He pointed out great examples of citizens who contributed in different ways helping RPA soldiers to locate the enemy and fund raising from Diaspora among others. Lt Col Bazatoha urged Rwandans to stand united if they are to attain desired transformations.

"Our liberation continues now with efforts to become a knowledge driven and a self-reliance nation. We will achieve that through economic liberation and full participation of its people," he stressed.

Lt Col Bazatoha urged the youth on patriotism and encouraged them to use their talents, education, expertise and experiences gained to build a better Rwanda.

Rwandan Community in Midwest at the celebration of the 27th liberation anniversary.