SKOL subscribes over 800 Nzove residents for Mutuelle de Santé

By Esther Muhozi
On 2 November 2023 at 11:49

SKOL Brewery Ltd, a company specializing in the production of beer and non-alcoholic beverages, has covered the Community Based Health Insurance, commonly referred to as Mutuelle de Santé, for 842 individuals living in the vicinity of its operations.

The donation took place on November 1st, 2023, in Nzove Cell of Kanyinya Sector.

Eric Gilson, the General Manager of SKOL, underscored the importance of this endeavor, highlighting that they have now provided health insurance to 185 families. SKOL Brewery Ltd operates with a broader perspective beyond mere profit-making, recognizing the vital role that a healthy society plays in fostering economic growth, enabling individuals to support their families, and contribute to the nation’s progress. He also expressed their unwavering commitment to Rwanda’s development through sustainable practices.

Gilson went on to say, "SKOL Brewery Ltd remains firmly dedicated to advancing a sustainable business model that creates a meaningful and lasting impact within the country, all while ensuring the responsible development of the Rwandan community." This practice of reaching out to the vulnerable and underprivileged has become deeply ingrained in the brewery’s corporate culture.

Ignace Kabasha, the executive secretary of Nzove, emphasized the transformative power of this annual health insurance donation, underlining how it complements other initiatives aimed at uplifting the community. For over five years, SKOL Brewery has consistently supported the community, benefiting more than 3,350 individuals. This commitment encompasses a wide range of initiatives, including providing local employment opportunities, contributing to community infrastructure development, offering Covid-19 relief support, and participating in various community development programs.

Beyond their immediate community, SKOL Brewery Ltd has also made significant contributions to broader Rwandan causes. These contributions include providing financial aid to communities affected by natural disasters, offering extensive support programs for vulnerable families, offering professional internships to high-achieving students, granting scholarships to employees’ children, and supporting local organizations engaged in socio-economic development activities.

The donation took place on November 1st, 2023, in Nzove Cell of Kanyinya Sector.