South Sudan: Rwandan Police peacekeepers trains local Police on public order management

On 16 January 2023 at 06:54

Rwandan Police peacekeepers deployed in Malakal, Upper Nile State under the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), on Saturday, January 14, concluded the training of 50 local Police officers.

The officers of the South Sudan National Police Service (SSNP) acquired skills in crowd control, public order management and how to perform First Aid before the arrival of medical professionals.

Specifically, they were enlightened on how to respond to peaceful, hostile and aggressive demonstrations.

The two-day training conducted by Rwanda Formed Police Unit-One (RWAFPU-I), aimed at improving the capacity of the SSNPS to respond to common situations.

It also falls within the UNMISS mandate of developing the capacity of the local Police and other players in policing.

The SSNPS commissioner for Malakal, Major General Chol Atem, thanked the Rwandan peacekeepers for their commitment to work with and to develop the capacity of the SSNPS.

"Rwanda and South Sudan Police enjoy good relations, so thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. These skills will not be put to waste because these officers will facilitate similar trainings for other officers," Maj. Gen. Atem said.

He added that as the SSNPS strives to be a professional force, training plays a key role. He pledged commitment of the local Police in Malakal to work with the Rwandan peacekeepers in the execution of their peacekeeping mandate.

Tereza Thomas, one of the trainees, said that the acquired skills will help her to attend to situations professionally.

"Take, for example, First Aid, in an operation; you count on your colleague for help when you are injured. These First Aid skills also helps you when you encounter such situations in your family or community where there are no medical professionals or services," said Tereza.

The RWAFPU1-7 contingent commander, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Prudence Ngendahimana, while speaking at the closing of the training, said that in the execution of their mandate to protect civilians, cooperation and collaboration with the SSNPS is crucial.

"Modern policing is proactive in nature, it focuses on working with the people, winning their trust and for them to believe in their Police. For that to happen, the Police has to be professional in its services and to see the people as part of the overall security framework to fight and prevent crimes," SSP Ngendahimana said.

The RWAFPU1-7 composed of 240 officers, is one of the two Rwanda FPUs deployed under the UN Mission in South Sudan.

It is largely charged with ensuring protection of internally displaced persons, who are sheltered at the Malakal Protection of Civilian camp.

Rwanda FPU-3 of 160 Police officers, majority females, also operates in the capital Juba.