UoK to release over 2000 graduates

On 23 November 2021 at 08:09

University of Kigali will hold its 6th Graduation Ceremony on 3rd December 2021 at the prestigious Kigali Arena Sports facility. Over 2000 graduates will be conferred Masters and bachelors degrees and awarded Post Graduate Diplomas in various disciplines. To counteract the current demographic shift and graduate students’ enrollment crunch, University of Kigali Graduate School is strategically targeting the over 1500 undergraduates who will be graduating on 3rd December 2021. The school is expected to graduate over five hundred Masters’ students drawn from the Kigali and Musanze campuses during the sixth graduation Ceremony.

“It is time for the Graduate School to claim its rightful place,” Dr Kwena Ronald, the Dean of the school affirmed. The school, hosts all the Masters’ programmes that are fully accredited by the Higher Education Council. Among the flagship programmes targeted is the Master of Science in Information technology which has provided cutting edge technology to students in readiness for the dynamic technology world.

“The students in our Master of Science in Information Technology programme are doing amazing work in the Information technology industry.” Dr Michael Sanja, an Information Technology expert in the Graduate School acknowledged.

The School also understands that the country needs the knowledge to address macro and microeconomic problems. The solution is the Master of Science in Economics that provides an all-round economic perspective.

For students who are interested in achieving development objectives for commercial, social and not for profit organizations, the Master of Science in Project Management as well as the Master of Business Administration in Project Management are the to go to programmes. The school is in the process of signing a Memorandum of Understanding, that will enable students to acquire Project management certifications such as PRINCE 2, PMP and IPMA among others at a discounted rate.

One of the graduands in the December 2021 graduation, Denyse Mugabekazi attests that the knowledge she acquired has been of great benefit. “The knowledge I gained from the Master of Science in Project Management helped me start my nonprofit organization that assists vulnerable children.” She said. Dr. Kwena Ronald, the Dean of the Graduate School and a project management expert noted that the impact of the current programmes’ restructuring will not only enable the graduates to contribute to Rwanda National Transformation Agenda, but also in its quest to become a middle economy.

Another key programme at the Graduate School, is the Master of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management which addresses all issues in procurement, logistics and contract administration. Our students are integral in the delivery of the National and international agenda which heavily rely on supply chain and value chains. The Master of Science in Finance and the Master of Business Administration Finance and Accounting provide students with pivotal knowledge in financial management and accounting procedures.

“Students can also benefit from the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) certifications based at the University of Kigali.” said Dr Rusibana Claude, a finance and accounting expert in the graduate school.

The School also understands that people management is not an easy task. In this regard, the school has the Master of Science in Human Resource Management which gives students human resource planning, recruitment, retention, industrial and labour law knowledge.

The Master of Education Administration and Management at University of Kigali recently attracted the attention of the community when the Ministry of Education announced the winner of the best teacher Public Secondary School category at the national level as Mr. RUZIBIZA Obed.

Mr. RUZIBIZA is currently undertaking a Master of Education Administration and Management at our Graduate School. For two consecutive years, UoK students from the same programme have won the national award. Prof. Abdulrazaq Olayinka Oniye, a Professor of Education in the Graduate School is proud of the achievements of the school.

“We are proud of the impact our students are making across Rwanda,” he Stated.

“We are in the process of identifying and profiling several other programmes, to make them industry oriented,” Dr. Kwena emphasized. Among the programmes, the school plans to reignite starting January 2022 is the Master of Science in Business Information Technology, Master of Commerce, and Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, Master in Public Policy and Management and Executive Master of Business Administration.

“The most exciting programme we are looking forward to in the New Year is the Executive Master of Business Administration.” Prof. Robert Hinson, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic noted. The Programme is targeting Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Senior Executives and Managers in public and private institutions. The school has structured a practical approach to the programme, steered by renowned Professors, Doctors and industry experts.

The course will be offered in a blended approach, allowing some percentage of learning to be conducted online. Prof. Hinson, a renowned scholar of Marketing across Africa, and a visiting Professor in several European universities, added that the University now has the potential to train the top executives in the country.

“The year 2022 looks bright for entrepreneurs in the country.” Professor Ogbe Allosius, A Professor of Management, with a bias in Entrepreneurship at the graduate school posed. The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and the Master of Commerce are repositioned to target Small and Medium Enterprises, which is a major driver of the Rwandan economy. The programmes seek to address gaps and provide solutions to problems in the business environment.

The Graduate School will benefit from the University Scholarship Scheme which targets all first class Alumni.

“All first class graduates are entitled to a scholarship if they choose to enroll in our Masters programmes,” Dr Kwena affirmed.

Other alumni who were not lucky enough to get first classes can also target the multiple opportunities that are available upon request. We call upon all other students, including those who have just received their national results, to join the undergraduate programmes. Those at the graduate level, University of Kigali Graduate School is your Answer!!

Some of the graduands from the Class of 2021.