WIF youth donate to differently abled children

On 19 mai 2022 at 03:23

Rwandan youth, members of the World Investment Fund (WIF) have visited children with mental disabilities at AVEH Umurerwa center and supported them with foods and sanitary items among others needed in daily life.

Association for the Voluntary assistance of Handicapped Children (AVEH) Umurerwa is a Rwandan not-for-profit organization that promotes the rights of disabled children and their families.

The center provides permanent, residential care to a small number of severely disabled children. This includes feeding, playing, personal care, daily physiotherapy and educational activities. It also offers short-term residential and on-going day care to disabled children in the area which provides respite for families and allows many to use the time for income-generating activities.

Located in Bugesera District, AVEH Umurerwa was founded by parents committed to advocate for improved livelihoods of differently abled children in 2005.

Umunyana who introduced the idea to establish the organization told the visiting youth that she was inspired by experienced hard life as a person who grew up without parental care.

Umunyana who never knew her father was also abandoned by mother but survived on the support of good Samaritans.

Considering the endured bitter life, Umunyana grew up with ambitions to help disadvantaged children.

“As I grew up, I thought about what I could do to help children with most pressing issues drawing inspiration from my dreadful experience,” she noted.

The CEO of WIF, Alain Shumbusho has told IGIHE that visiting the children is their responsibility to support the needy particularly during COVID-19 pandemic which has affected many people’s lives.

“As Rwandan youth grouped under WIF, we decided to support the center with different items to help them cope with effects of COVID-19,” he said.

Shumbusho urged Rwandans, particularly the youth, to be compassionate and support the needy within available means.

Umunyana introducing Shumbusho to the livelihoods of sheltered children.
Some of children sheltered at the center.
The youth from WIF donated different items to differently abled children at the center located in Bugesera.
Shumbusho urged Rwandans, particularly the youth, to be compassionate and support the needy within available means.