Battle of The Bands: Salus Music Band beats Source Of Melody

On 20 September 2019 at 08:22

‘Salus Music Band’ has eliminated ‘Source Of Melody’, a gospel artistes’ band at the 4th stage of the “Battle of The Bands” competition organized by Kigali Marriott Hotel.

Both bands competed on Tuesday night 17th September 2019.

The Battle of the Bands is a competition that Kigali Marriott Hotel hosts in partnership with Made Beats by Igihe and Royal FM, Kigali.

Kigali Marriott Hotel introduced the ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition with the aim of boosting entertainment in Rwanda and promote the visibility of local bands by showcasing their music. It is the first hotel in Rwanda organizing such a competition.

Battle of The Bands’ second edition began on 23rd August 2019. It brings together 10 bands from across the country. The winner is selected by popular vote of spectators through social media platforms of Kigali Marriott Hotel or filling forms available at Iriba Bar and Terrace where competitions usually take place.

The winner from the group of two contesting bands progresses to the next stage until the finale.

Salus Music Band was the first to go on stage and performed songs like “Tajabone” of Ismael Lô, “Appreciate” of Andy Bumuntu, “Happy” of Pharrell Williams, “Unconditionally Bae” of Sauti Sol and Alikiba.

It also performed “Sindagira unsange” of Ntibahanana Théophile, “Naraye ndose” of Kamaliza and “Kanjogera” of Intore Masamba.

On the other hand, Source Of Melody Band performed songs like “Eyawe Kumama”, “Hosanna” of Hillsong, “Imela” of Nathaniel Bassey as well as “Thank you” of The Ben and Tom Close, “Boya Kotala” of Henri-Papa Mulaja, “Nara Ekele Mo” of Travis Greene and Tim Godfrey, “Falling In Love With Jesus” of Kirk Whalum, “Menye Neza” of Patient Bizimana, “Hallelujah” of Alexandra Burke as well as ‘‘Fanda Na Yo’’ of Alka Mbumba among others.

After counting votes, Salus Music Band eliminated the Source of Melody and qualified for the next stage of the competition.

The head of Salus Music Band, Nshyimumuremyi Vedaste told IGIHE that the band is committed to winning the contest.

“Today’s victory proves that we can make it during finals and hope to get popularity from this competition,” he said.

The second edition of the Battle of The Bands will be concluded in November 2019. The winner of the competition will get a one-year paid contract with Marriott Hotel, to be its resident band and to open the performance of the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The winning band will be also be offered a recording session with Made Beats.
Kigali Marriott Hotel was officially open in October 2016.

Apart from hospitality services, the hotel has been contributing to the improved wellbeing of the community participating in community service and subscribing to vulnerable residents for Mutuelle de Santé, visiting patients among others.

Salus Music Band was the first to go on stage
Salus Music Band eliminated Source of Melody and qualified for the next stage of the competition.
Source Of Melody Band performing