Body of Rwandan shot dead in smuggling skirmish returned from Uganda

On 28 May 2019 at 04:04

The Republic of Uganda yesterday handed over to the Government of Rwanda the body of its citizen identified as Kyerengye John Baptist who was shot dead recently in Tabagwe sector, Nyagatare district.

He was shot dead after him and colleagues from Uganda smuggled goods to Rwanda and confronted security officials attempting to intercept them.

The officers shot two people, one Rwandan who died instantly and one Ugandan who later died.

The colleagues with whom they attacked security officials took the bodies to Uganda.
The body of the Rwandan was returned yesterday through Gatuna border in Gicumbi district.

Uganda was represented by the delegation of local leaders, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, security officials and nine head of missions representing their countries to Uganda a delegation led by parliamentarian Kansiime Caroline from Rukiga region.

Rwanda delegation was led by the mayor of Nyagatare district, Mushabe David Claudien.

Mayor Mushabe hailed the return of the body and reminded them about circumstances under which the shooting happened.

He said they illegally crossed the border and shot on Rwanda’s land as they attacked security officers intercepting them.

Mushabe also told them that Ugandans dragged the bodies to Uganda though their motorbike remained on Rwanda’s land.

The body was however returned through Gatuna border yet the incident took place at Kagitumba border.

The mayor said the body should have been deported through Kagitumba where the incident took place.

Mayor Mushabe also told Ugandan officials that it would be better if they bring Rwandans abducted and detained in the country.

According to a statement released via Rwanda National Police’s Twitter wall, two Rwandan nationals were abducted by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Sunday around 12:30 pm.

They are identified as, Samvura Pierre, 47, and Habiyaremye Eric, 25 who were abducted at Gasheke, 1.5km inside Uganda where they had gone to attend a baptism ceremony of the son of their friend Muhwezi Silver.

MP Kansiime said she don’t know about Rwandans detained in Uganda.
“I know that many Rwandans live in Uganda. They are siblings and neighbors but I don’t know of those arrested in Uganda,” she said.

Since 2017, Rwanda raised concerns over its citizens arrested and illegally detained in Uganda without consular access while others are deported after enduring torture.
During the event of handing over the body, Uganda was accompanied by ambassadors from nine countries including Britain, France, South Sudan and Burundi.

Rwanda announced that a delegation made of representatives from both countries was sent to the shooting scene to investigate the situation.

The body was returned through Gatuna border yet the incident took place at Kagitumba border.
Uganda was represented by nine head of missions representing their countries to Uganda
MP Kansiime having a conversation with Mayor Mushabe
Rwandan Authorities coming to meet Ugandan delegation