BRALIRWA PLC launches ‘MÜTZIG CLASS’, a new stylish extension to its Mützig brand

On 28 May 2019 at 12:53

BRALIRWA Plc is delighted to officially introduce the latest member to its portfolio of brands, Mützig Class.

Mützig Class was first launched on 24th May 2019, in an event that took place Chillax which is located at Century Park Nyarutarama.

This new beer brand is predominantly targeting millennials that appreciate style and class. This drink will be available in a 33cl (330ml) pack size; it is easy drinking, for those consumers that have been looking for an alternative to strong beers.

Mützig Class will be sold at an affordable price of 500 RWF only and has been massively distributed nationwide from Monday, 27th May 2019.

Bralirwa PLC has been lunching on the market every year a new brand, for now, three years. “Mützig class” was introduced five months after Bralirwa PLC had started brewing in Rwanda the beer brand Heineken.

Peter Karadjov, BRALIRWA PLC’s Marketing Director remarked, ‘’ Mützig Class is the perfect brand for millennials, a stylish complement to our Mützig brand. It is for those who want to express their style and class’’.

Rwanda is the fourth country to introduce this beer brand right after countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Côte d’Ivoire.

The brand manager, Eric Manzi stated that “every time we lunch a new beer brand on the market, we have a follow up on how it is received by our clients so that a large number of people can feel included in Mützig family.”

Those who had their first taste of Mützig class confirmed that it is appropriate to their style and class.

The founder of House of Tayo, Mathew Rugamba, said “the launching ceremony was beautiful; it brought together different kind of people. I loved the taste of the beer itself it fits my style.”

Mützig was launched in Rwanda in 1987 as a brand for consumers with a passion for stronger, more refined quality and taste.

It has sponsored big live music events, with the Mützig beer fest being one of its biggest assets and the Kigali Jazz junction that is growing in popularity every year.

The invited guests of the Mützig class brand were entertained by the artist Raoul John Njeng-Njeng (Skales) from Nigeria who happens to be in a relationship with the Rwandan artist Patricia Masozera.

In Rwanda Mützig is a beer that is loved by many. Last year on 31st December 2018, Bralirwa PLC announced that their sells had increased on about 14.6% mostly because of Mützig beer brand; their benefices also increased on about 14.6%.

Mützig Class will be available in a 33cl (330ml) pack size
Skales entertained the guests in the lunching of the new beer brand
Mützig class beer was warmly by attendees of the Launch
Bralirwa PLC launched a stylish beer dubbed 'Mützig class'